Executive Family


The Lawyer

Omri volunteers as a legal consultant of various organizations, and serves as Chairman of a NGO Association that heads volunteering projects in hospitals throughout Israel.

He is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University, and interned in the commercial department of the top tier Firm, Amit Pollak Matalon & Co.

Omri is an Israel native, but spent some of his childhood years in Johannesburg and the USA. Currently lives in Zufim (near Kfar Saba) married to Netta and is a father to three beautiful daughters.

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The Accountant

Eitam Pinto is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)
Established in 2010. Eitam hails from the Financial, Taxation and Accounting Fields.
CTA Eitam Pinto, advises and assists managers and business owners. especially for people who wish to go out on their own, salaried employees and anyone who has a business, company or association and wants to consult on a particular matter. Eitam specialises in business accompaniment and tax refunds
Eitam lives in Israel, is married to Tal and a father to three amazing sons.

israel butler vallet personal assistant service

The Butler

Executive Butler, Personal Valet and PA

If your idea of an English butler is a Jeeves-like unflappable character in a bowler hat and carrying a rolled umbrella, then The Butler doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Tall, thin and wiry, with a South African-tinged husky voice and expressive body language, he is, nevertheless, probably the only qualified butler in Israel, having studied in London and worked with some notable members of the business world and the aristocracy, British and otherwise. – Taken from article written by Gloria Deutsch of the Jerusalem Post.

israel butler vallet personal assistant service


Head Butler/Systems admin – Tel-Aviv

I am 23 and come from Brussels, Belgium. I moved to Israel 4 years ago and I am currently studying electrical and electronics engineering in Tel-Aviv university (yes, I am better solving equations than writing some lines about me). I love what makes Executive Butler so special here: service and detail. I am also working on this website and other admin and technical side of EB.

israel butler vallet personal assistant service


Head Butler/Trainer – Tel-Aviv

I am Tiki, 47 years old oleh chadash from Croatia, EU. I made aliyah two years ago and it was just what I needed at this moment of my life. Coming to Israel and joining the EB team is one of the magical moments that happened almost immediately.
As an agro-engineer, luthier and salesman, I did and learned a lot of other things to do. Being a part of EB team, I have learned to give attention to details and perfection – not just as professional skill but more like a lifestyle. Therefore, I can add this to my setlist of other skills such as graphics and screen printing, playing music, making and setting guitars, cooking, woodworking and all other kinds of handcrafts. All in all, I will try to justify my “handcrafter” nickname!



Head Butler/Operations and Social Media – Tel-Aviv

Originally a farm boy from the mountains of Colorado, I fancy myself a bit of a traveler, having gone to high school in Brazil and frequently visiting Mexico and Honduras. I now study Digital Culture and Communications as well as psychology at Tel Aviv University. Having grown up as a jack of all trades with a “fix-it-yourself” attitude, I believe no matter what problem, there are solutions. My service at EB is also about finding creative solutions for our company and our clients; and I LOVE IT!

israel butler vallet personal assistant service